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KSF Diamond Core Drill / Core Bits

K.S.F was established in 1991, with the quality of the company ISO-9001: 2008 certification, professional construction machinery manufacturers. Product innovation-oriented multi-function. Regularly participate in large-scale foreign professional exhibition, OEM / ODM products exported to the rest of the world, the industry has established a professional design and manufacturing of the image. Products through the CE, CUL, C-TICK certification, the types of lift series, drilling cutting series.

Variety of special design::
▶ Motor overload circuit protector.
▶ Slip-Clutch system: Built in adjustable slip-clutch system protect user from strong torque during drilling.
▶ Feedling handle insulation to prevent from electric shock caused by carelessly drilling the electric cable or power source.
▶ High-quality, robust aluminum construction.
▶ Compact type, net weight only 8 kg.
▶ Patented LED electric current indicator, keeping in yellow light during operation to protect the motor from overload damage and improving drilling efficiency as well.

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